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Allison + Adam = Callum

I had the pleasure of first photographing Mr. Callum last summer when Allison found me through Chef Stewart Woodman's Blog.  It's still astounding to me how much these baby's change in a matter of 6 months.  We did this shoot back in March and Callum was a running MACHINE. Though it would be totally exhausting, he totally made me hope for a little boy when Kyle and I hit the parenting stage of our lives. 




The benefit of living in Minnesota is having a vast array of cute hats!

I love how happy they all are...

Are you KIDDING ME?  This kid is going to be trrrrouuuble one day in the not too distant future....

Clearly, I am HILARIOUS!


Thank you so much Allison and Adam for letting me spend the afternoon with your amazing little man and the two of you.  My heart MELTS when I look in those puddles he calls eyes...


Katie + Chris = Frankie

Some of you long time followers may remember Katie and Chris' amazing farm wedding from a few years back.  They are such a fantastic couple. I am so honored they asked me to do an at-home shoot with the two of them and their little peanut Frankie.  They have the CUTEST house in South Minneapolis and the details put into Frankie's nursery are absolutely adorable. 


I'm not opposed to photoshopping in some drum sticks into this one...


I just love this one so much. 

So in loveeeee

Before Frankie came out, Katie and Chris referred to him as Mr. Miyagi :)

Thank you two SO much for contacting me to do these pictures with your adorable family! I can't wait to watch Mr. Frankie grow into a rumblin' tumblin' little boy!



Hello Handsome!

This is the first of FOUR little boy sessions I took in a matter of 3 weeks!  Apparently 2010/2011 is the year of the boy.  First up, handsome Graham.  Megan, Ryan and Graham and I will be seeing a lot of eachother over the next two years as they invested in a "grow with me" package*.  I can't wait!



Ryan and his sleeping boy.  Sooooo sweet. 


Gooood morning!

You can just tell this kid is going to grow up to be a stinker.

I love this one.  love it love it love it. 


Such a handsome family!  Graham was obviously VERY excited to have his picture taken. 


These two are my favorite.  Megan looks so gorgeous and the love is just spilling out of her.


Next time we see Graham, he'll be six months old!  Only a few months away and it will be a world of difference.  I can't wait!


*Contact me for details about your own "Grow with Me family sessions


Introducing Liliana

I feel so fortunate to have Kenzie as one of my clients.  She had an awesome wedding planning website called engageology that led to at least a handful of clients, and now that she is launching her own day of planning service, Graceful Day Design we're in contact pretty frequently. If you're planning a wedding give her a call, or at least check her blog out for unique inspiration!  Another reason for our frequent contact is her ADORABLE daughter Liliana.  I hung out with Liliana with Kenzie and Rodney at their house in Edina to shoot Lily's two month portraits, and we had a ball! 


Liliana didn't grace us with MANY smiles, but has the most squeezeable cheeks it doesn't even matter. 



I call this next series, The Running Man:



Kenzie, It was so great finally getting to meet you, Rodney and Liliana!