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Katie + Chris = Frankie

Some of you long time followers may remember Katie and Chris' amazing farm wedding from a few years back.  They are such a fantastic couple. I am so honored they asked me to do an at-home shoot with the two of them and their little peanut Frankie.  They have the CUTEST house in South Minneapolis and the details put into Frankie's nursery are absolutely adorable. 


I'm not opposed to photoshopping in some drum sticks into this one...


I just love this one so much. 

So in loveeeee

Before Frankie came out, Katie and Chris referred to him as Mr. Miyagi :)

Thank you two SO much for contacting me to do these pictures with your adorable family! I can't wait to watch Mr. Frankie grow into a rumblin' tumblin' little boy!



Hello Handsome!

This is the first of FOUR little boy sessions I took in a matter of 3 weeks!  Apparently 2010/2011 is the year of the boy.  First up, handsome Graham.  Megan, Ryan and Graham and I will be seeing a lot of eachother over the next two years as they invested in a "grow with me" package*.  I can't wait!



Ryan and his sleeping boy.  Sooooo sweet. 


Gooood morning!

You can just tell this kid is going to grow up to be a stinker.

I love this one.  love it love it love it. 


Such a handsome family!  Graham was obviously VERY excited to have his picture taken. 


These two are my favorite.  Megan looks so gorgeous and the love is just spilling out of her.


Next time we see Graham, he'll be six months old!  Only a few months away and it will be a world of difference.  I can't wait!


*Contact me for details about your own "Grow with Me family sessions


A good week in the media

It's been a long time coming, but I have a whole SLEW of blog posts planned for this here photo blog.  Normally winter and early spring is a time for wedding photographers to rest, catch up and do the many things they intend to do during the wedding season.  I didn't get quite the break I expected, but that means I have a LOT to catch you all up on.  To start, I figure I'd work with something timely as a bit of a sneak peek (that I promise will have a full post soon!).

My dear friend Rae and new friend Meghan have joined together to create an amazing vintage pop-up shop called Mighty Swell.  This coming Saturday marks the first sale in their permanent location and I was thrilled when they asked me to take some promo pictures for them.  Their idea is so popular that the local media has caught on and a few pictures were featured in and City Pages this week.  I can't wait to show you more of this fantastic session, but for now, go pick up your weekly circular and check out Mighty Swell tomorrow or Sunday! 


Mighty Swell

April 30th and May 1st

3109 East 42nd Street

Minneapolis, MN


Eileen and Brian's outdoor wedding

Eileen and Brian are perfect for eachother... and they know it.  Their wedding was the perfect representation of their love and personalities, and they threw a hell of a party afterwards!






Suzanne and Tom: Sneak Peek