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4.30.2011 Kayla and Joe  Married!

The first wedding of the 2011 season started off with a bang.  Kayla added lots of beautiful DIY components, and these two are just crazy about eachother.  We rented cabs and drove around downtown Minneapolis (AWESOME idea if you want to save time and keep your feet from getting sore) which gave us so many opportunities for shots and plenty of time for both couples, wedding party and family portraits!  It had been pouring all morning, but the sunshine broke through and we were able to get all the shots we needed, just avoiding a few puddles here and there.  


Thank you so much Kayla and Joe for making me such a special part of your amazing wedding!  It was a great way to kick off the wedding season, and I love going back and revisiting all the fun we had together!

And just for fun, a couple outtakes from the day:


Kayla and Joe: Engaged!

'Tis the time of year to catch up on months and months of engagement and wedding blog posts!  First up is Kayla and Joe, whose engagement session, as you can see, was shot the LAST time there was snow on the ground.  I love how things come around full circle...





Nathan = Laura+Kevin

This was my second round of pictures with Laura, Kevin and Nathan.  My has he changed since his 4 week old shoot.  He's a major mover and SUCH a good looking kid.  Not that with his incredibly good looking parents anyone is much surprised by that...

I'm guessing you can tell by the outfits, I'm a bit late to posting this entry ;)



Oh, Hey guys!

Based on the amount this kid was crawling around, I assume he's quite the runner by now.  Good luck with that Laura and Kevin :)

I LOVE his FACE in this one.  He's such a little trouble maker!

After a few 100 degree days in Minneapolis, this bleak skyline and brown grass should make us all thankful it's finally SUMMER!


Annnd I of course had to save my very favorite for last :)



Featured: Elizabeth Anne Designs

I'm up to my ears in wedding season (plus plenty of family portraits to go around) which means I am really backed up on blogging.  You can check out some of my sneak previews (or whet your appetite with them) over at my Amuse Bouche gallery on my Facebook page.


Backing up to when there was still snow on the ground, last winter my gal pal Kenzie asked if i would be able to photograph a gorgeous tablescape and a tutorial about how to make amazingly cute place holder/favors.  Kenzie has impecable style, so I jumped at the opportunity.  Here are a few of the pictures, but head over to Elizabeth Anne Designs for the full tutorial! 






Allison + Adam = Callum

I had the pleasure of first photographing Mr. Callum last summer when Allison found me through Chef Stewart Woodman's Blog.  It's still astounding to me how much these baby's change in a matter of 6 months.  We did this shoot back in March and Callum was a running MACHINE. Though it would be totally exhausting, he totally made me hope for a little boy when Kyle and I hit the parenting stage of our lives. 




The benefit of living in Minnesota is having a vast array of cute hats!

I love how happy they all are...

Are you KIDDING ME?  This kid is going to be trrrrouuuble one day in the not too distant future....

Clearly, I am HILARIOUS!


Thank you so much Allison and Adam for letting me spend the afternoon with your amazing little man and the two of you.  My heart MELTS when I look in those puddles he calls eyes...